Blackmart APK Download All Android APPS for FREE

Hey, what’s up guys! Today I want to show you the Blackmart apk which is basically an app store a place or a placement where you can get apps for free. And yes! Sometimes also other versions which you can get in the PlayStore. So let’s check it out…

Basically in a black market as you would say BlackMart became popular when gingerbread was released. Everybody wanted to have a black market to get them to get the apps free from the PlayStore because in some countries you can pay with your PayPal or you don’t have the em the cards to buy in a grocery store. We can get 10 or 15 dollars or euros free and the Play Store.

Let’s take an example if an app in playstore is having a to buy this app will get you free to download from BlackMart app store.

Go to the Play Store and check what the theme flat roll costs flat row is an icon pack which will cost something in the Play Store and is probably free in BlackMart.

Blackmart app is another alternative of playstore which is almost similar to the playstore. There is the latest version of Blackmart which is now named as Blackmart Alpha. This app store not available on playstore by the reason of some policy violence of google playstore.

The main use of this this app is you can easily get any app download on your device with is original apk file which you can forward to another device too. Also, you never have needed any google account and there is no issue of downloading apps like to buy an app which is in price list apps.

This app store app is the best choice for those users who are not wanted to sign in to google account on playstore. It is used by so many Android smartphone users.
The best alternative of Playstore is the Blackmart app but the app is not always safe to use as compare to Google Playstore. Also, most of Android smartphone users are still aware of this alternative app store which is free for every user.

Is Blackmart Safe?

Blackmart Alpha may damage your Android device when used without care.

The Black MARKET has been a mix up with many real apps and other with infected apps and games. Also with the malicious apps and games downloaded using this may harm your device in most cases.

Where some Android users playing a good job by putting clean apps and games at Blackmart, several other users which have devil mind are also presented there who inject malicious scripts into the apps (APKs) which is either premium or free before uploading and sharing them with other users.

So if you installing cracked version apps with such malicious scripts injected into it, it may compromise your privacy as well as may damage your phone. It can be controlled your phone or can be transferred to a remote computer.

To avoid such danger risk you must need to check if an apk file is malicious by scanning it.

Features of Blackmart APK

Find a better slew of Android app on Blackmart app store.

Downloaded by thousands and more application including paid or free too.

It is similar to other alternative playstore apps like Mobilism, Appbrain, Aapplanet and all.

Quite easy and fast to install this app on any android device.

Supports all the latest and old android versions.

No need to sign in for downloading the app on the app store market.

The easy user-friendly user interface as like playstore and all contents are free to download.

Blackmart Alpha App Info

Package Name: blackmart_alpha.apk

Developer: Blackmart team

File Size: 3.9 MB

Version: v0.99.2.81B (992081)

Compatible Platforms: All Android versions

Download Blackmart Alpha

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