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Welcome to ModAPKStore today we are giving you the both latest and old versions of GBWhatsapp APK. So before we started first you need to understand all the important factors of GBWhats App.

Basically, GBWhatsApp app is free for download only on the Android platform. Now you can use two Whatsapp on a single Android Device without any lagging or hanging issues.

Also, there are some other exciting features are which make this app so popular such as themes, last seen and so on.

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Basic Use of GBWhatsapp

To understand the basic need of GBWhatsapp we need to clear these following things.

There are so many people are using the smartphone-like Android and iOS. And most of the people who are using android devices have dual sim features and they are maintaining their dual sim smartphones. It’s a trending smartphone feature which is people like to use because it gives two sim slot so that you can add two different networks and mobile numbers.

This is what GBWhatsapps actual done on running two WhatsApp account on the same device. They understand what people need on their phone to make both mobile numbers works together on WhatsApp at the same time.

There are so many people who actually want to make their both numbers active on WhatsApp where they want one no for personal and another for business or anything. For this kind of issue is been solved by GBWhats App. It can help to maintain more than one account on WhatsApp. It’s available for free to download.

GBWhatsApp has many exciting features and tricks, which is better than the official WhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsapp

Official WhatsApp has good in its way but it has only some standard features, wherein GB WhatsApp comes with some unique features which are not yet available in an official version of WhatsApp.

It has some unique tricks which give us a more new experience of chatting. It makes our conversation more attractive, elegant and engaging.

Yup, it is more special since most of the people don’t have any ideas of such GBWhatsApp we can impress others by doing tricks which only can be done in GBWhatsApp, not in official WhatsApp.

One more good thing about GBWhatsApp is it is compatible with every single Android device it doesn’t need root things to run this app.

The best thing or feature is that you can send more than 30 HD images and videos without any issues while in standard official WhatsApp can’t be done. Also, you can create status up to 256 characters long and also manage to write group name character much longer than official Whatsapp.

Here you can broadcast over 600 and more WhatsApp users, but in official WhatsApp, you can only broadcast around 250 WhatsApp users.

In GBWhatsapp you can find other uses last seen or last time activity time and can off you last seen without any issues.

You can add customized themes to WhatsApp dashboard and chat board too.

The maximum limit of GBWhatsapp’s sending data is 30 MB which is a lot compared to the official one.

Some additional tricks make the features active like you can customize the app from icons to the notification.

This app gets time-to-time updates to ensure you are updated with the latest cool features.

GBWhatsApp All Features 

Based on 2.17.107

Ban proof

Supports calls

Hide your last seen

Privacy mods

Themes mods

Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )

Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod

(17) Ticks & (13) Bubbles Styles to choose

Counter statistics for groups

Media preview without loading

Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen

Send video with size 30MB instead of 16MB

Send 90 images at once instead of 10

Change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters

Ability to press on links on chat screen without saving sender number or group admin number

Press in links on your friends’ status

Ability to distinguish between normal messages and Broadcast messages

Hide the name and the date when copying more than one message

Ability to copy friends’ status

Ability to change the app icon and notifications

Is GBWhatsapp is Safe?

The answer about how safe is GBWhatsapp is quite tough it may be safe or not because it depends on the nature to use of GBWhatsapp.

It is safe because I guess it not banned any users whose register they’re on GBWhatsapp that means it doesn’t violate any major rules in Whatsapp Privacy Guidelines. But it doesn’t mean that because people are not getting banned so that GBWhatsapp is safe it is not so fair.

If we are taking an example of any modded app which re potentially harmful. Such paid app which comes with free by making some changes in their coding is quite harmful. All we do not get noticed but we paid some hidden cost for that modded app.

For example, most of the modded apps which are on the paid list have the modded version and we are using it. But it comes with ads in the app by which coder or a developer who’s making changes in that app added ads in that particular app.

So now we know or consider that maker of GBWhatsapp app added any malicious codes in that app. There is the possibility that makers of these apps placing any code which steals or spy. On our personal WhatsApp conversations and all. It has many possibilities because we are giving all permissions such as access to microphones, contacts, and storage too.

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Why is GBWhatsapp Not Safe?

If your trying to search GBWhtsapp on Google Play store you are found this app. So there is something in that app which makes google violence in google privacy guidelines. Or maybe it does not pass in googles security checks google play. So there is 99% of chances that the app contains something malicious that spy on you.

Also, it is not the official app so it is the duplicate version of the official app which is not so safe if you know that you are using the copyrighted app.

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