Nova Launcher Prime APK

Extremely versatile starting screen, controlled by execution. There are no recognized substitutes! The Nova Launcher is the best launcher for Android today, encompassing all the design of the materials all over. Nova Launcher Prime APK replaces the initial screen with what it controls and can change. It changes images, settings, action and is just a sign of a more significant challenge.

Nova Launcher Prime APK
Nova Launcher Prime APK |

The incredibly customized, Nova Launcher Prime is the absolute best launcher for Android that is contemporary, embracing Materials Style that is finished amid. Your home screen is supplanted by Launcher with a solitary that you may tweak and control. Designs, move images, toons and much.

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Top Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK:

1. Hidden folders:

Here’s an excellent approach to get to all your most usually utilized applications rapidly and without littering up your home screen. You can make an application organizer that is shrouded, seeming just as a symbol of your picking. Whenever tapped, the logo will open the main application, however, when you swipe up, it will open the organizer, demonstrating the full scope of related applications.

I utilize this for my music applications, so when I press the earphones symbol, Deezer opens, yet when I swipe up, I see Soundcloud, Music Player, Deezer, and so forth.

To set this up, first, drag the related applications into an organizer as you would regularly. At that point long-push on the organizer and select Edit. From here, you can push on the symbol to pick an alternate logo, change the name of the folders, and modify the Swipe to open and Tap activity settings. Flick the Swipe to unlock flip to one side, and, from the Tap activity drop-down menu, select First thing in the folders.

For other purposes, make your folders invisible, as well, by going inside the Nova Settings and tapping on Folders > Background and moving the Transparency bar to 100 percent.

2. Swipe action on applications:

Another approach to making utilization of the swipe activities is to open applications that are identified with different applications. I have the camera symbol set to open the Gallery application when I swipe, for example, and swiping up on the Google Calendar application gives me a chance to include an update (download Google Inbox to get to this element). I likewise utilize this to open Messenger with a swipe up on the Facebook application symbol.

To set this up, simply long push on a symbol, select Edit and push on the Swipe activity choice to choose the activity of your picking.

3. Swipe action on the home screen:

You’ve honestly got the opportunity to benefit as much as possible from those swipe activities. The last way I utilize them is by adding a swipe-up signal to the home screen to open the application drawer, a twofold fingered swipe up to unlock Nova settings, and a twofold fingered swipe down to open Google Now, alongside a couple of others; however, you can pick whatever suits you best.

Merely go open up Nova Settings, make a beeline for Gestures and inputs and scrutinize the Gestures area and choose which activities you need to set to do what.

4. Double-tap to lock:

While this choice could just be incorporated into the area above, it appears to be worth featuring, because it’s something I utilize a considerable measure and is barely noticeable.

Go to Nova Settings, press on Gestures and inputs > Double-tap and select Screen Start. Presently, when you issue a fast-twofold tap to the home screen, your gadget will Start.

Latest Feature Nova Launcher Prime APK

5. Smooth looking over

If you put a similar gadget on various launcher screens and utilize Nova Launcher’s wipe scroll impact, it creates a genuinely satisfying method for moving between screens, with the device staying set up all through.

For this one, only add a similar gadget to the more significant part of your launcher screens, and afterward, open up Nova settings. Go to Desktop > Scroll effect and select ‘Wipe’ which is located close to the base of the list.

6. Include application drawer tabs

The application drawer is Android’s one-stop search for all your applications, however what about making it a more discrete home-screen-style course of action? Naturally, for Android, the application drawer is one page, yet with Nova Launcher, you can add additional tabs to it. You can swipe left and right to look through. Name your tabs by class, e.g., Internet, Music, and Work, and top them off with related applications. It makes discovering particular applications a ton simpler, mainly when your smartphone is in workplaces.

Open Nova Settings and go to App and gadget drawer. Here, ensure Tab bar is empowered, at that point head down the page to Drawer groups. On this page, you can include extra tabs by tapping them, besides, to sign in the upper right corner.

7. Utilize emoticon to mark your application drawer tabs

Having application drawer tabs is incredible, yet you can make the set up significantly cleaner by utilizing console emoticon rather than words to name them. Go to Nova Settings > App and gadget drawers > Drawer gatherings and push on the pencil symbol adjacent to any tab. In the Edit window, push on the tab name, and, on the console, explore to the emoticon of your picking (you may need to utilize a console application other than your default to get to the emoticon, or if nothing else the emoticon you need).

As some time recently, guarantee you have a Tab bar empowered on the App and gadget drawers page.

8. Change looking for the introduction.

One more application drawer tip: switch amongst vertical and flat looking between your application records. To do this, mainly long hold anyplace on the show. At the point when the settings menu shows up at the base right, press on it. Select App and gadget drawers > App drawer style at that point select which see you might want. What’s more, that is it – backpedal to your application drawer and have a go!

9. Exploratory highlights and investigating

This last tip is for the Prime Nova Launcher clients out there. I don’t regularly make utilization of this, yet it may be useful to have close by.

You can get to a mystery menu, containing troubleshooting alternatives, by holding the Volume Down button while in Nova Settings. Once you’ve held it down for a moment or two, another choice called Labs ought to be accessible at the base of the menu.

If you discover this menu as unnerving and risky after opening, long-press the Volume Up button to expel it once more.

Latest Version Nova Launcher Prime APK


Nova Launcher Prime Beta v6.0 APK

v5.5.4 APK

v5.5.4 Mod APK (ARM)

v5.5.4 Mod APK (Arm64)

v5.5.4 Mod APK (X86)

v5.1.2 APK (Plugin)

How to Install Nova Launcher Prime APK Step By Step:

Step 1: Firstly, open Security in your Settings.

Step 2: Now check Download from Unknown Sources.


Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


At this point, we expect that you might already have downloaded the Nova Launcher Prime v5.0.1.apk. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you could do it now by clicking on the button below. You might also need another launcher apk file, i.e., TeslaUnread v5.0.6.apk.

Download for that Nova Launcher Pro APK is also provided in the link. Complete the installation for TeslaUnread v5.0.6.apk and the procedure as follows.

Step 3: Once you have the downloaded files, click on the install button.


Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


Step 4: Once the installation is done following screens will appear.


Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


Step 5: Now press the home button. You will get a pop-up. Click on Nova Launcher. Then Always.

Step 6: That will take you to the home page of Nova Launcher Prime. When you open it for the first time, it asks for some basic settings. Complete them as follows.

Step 7: Click on next.


Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


Step 8: You could choose from different themes already available. Then click on Next and then Apply.


Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


Step 9: In the next window, you will be asked to choose your app drawer style. Here you need to choose from Card and Immersive.


Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


Step 10: Now you will be asked to choose the app drawer action. Here you can choose from Button and Swipe up and then tap on Apply.

Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK
Nova Launcher Pro Mod APK |


Now you have successfully installed the Nova Launcher Prime. Enjoy customizing your smartphone will all new prime features available in the prime version of Nova Launcher.

In-app interface:

With Nova Launcher Prime you get these fantastic additional features

  • Unread Counts – Never miss a message. New check identifications for SMS, Gmail, Hangouts, and all the more utilizing the TeslaUnread module
  • Gestures – Swipe, tap, twofold tap and more on the home screen to open your most loved apps.
  • Icon Swipes – Do some custom activities for swiping on application alternate routes or organizers.


Q1. Would you be able to make the organizers, application drawer or something else have an obscure impact to them inside Nova Launcher?

Ans. As of now, we have no plans of regularly bringing obscuring choices/highlights to Nova Launcher. There are a few explanations behind this that we have examined in our group and different places so we won’t talk about those here.

trQ2. Does Nova Launcher bolster twofold tap to turn on or potentially off the screen?

Ans. On the off chance that your gadget underpins the twofold tap to kill the screen, at that point you can do this inside Nova Launcher by twofold tapping on the notification bar at the highest point of the screen. You can likewise set a signal to fulfill this.

Lamentably because of API limitations, we won’t be able to enable you to twofold tap to turn the screen on inside Nova Launcher. That is altogether done through your gadget itself.

Q3. How would I change the on-screen route buttons to coordinate that of Pixel Launcher?

Ans. Your gadget must be established and running a custom ROM to have the capacity to accomplish those things. That is not something Nova Launcher can do.

Q4. How would I empower the Labs area inside Nova settings?

Ans. To empower the Labs area, go to Nova Settings and after that hold the Volume Down button until the point when Labs seems acceptable beneath Backup and Import Settings.

Q5. The date in the hunt block gadget is cut off. How would I settle this?

Ans: Change your framework textual style or potentially screen DPI as this is an issue with the textual style you’re utilizing.

Q6. How would I make organizers in the application drawer?

Ans: To make organizers inside the application drawer go to Nova Settings – > App and Widget Drawers – > Drawer Groups – > Folders

Q7. How would I make folders on the desktop?

Ans. To make folders on the desktop, mainly drag one symbol over another, or you can likewise drag the organizers from inside the application drawer specifically to the desktop.

Final Words

You get the opportunity to influence the most to out of highlights like Gestures which is fundamentally doing things like swipe, squeeze, twofold tap and that’s just the beginning, they all can be designed according to your use.

You can create a signal to open an application or to switch on the LED light. The prime form likewise gives you the opportunity to get a custom application drawer for the apps with the end goal that the one that interests you the most.


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