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RootCloak is an app that will help you to hide the root status of your Android device so other the apps will not detect it as being your device is rooted or not! Then you are at a perfect place ModAPKStore will help you and the app is RootCloak APK.

Why would you want to do that? It’s simple because there are so many apps in the google play store whose not work on rooted smartphones as well as Android device.

rootcloak apk
Rootcloak Apk |

RootCloak app is easy to use, but remember that you need to download and install Xposed Installer first.

Once you have installed Xposed installer Apk, you will be able to download and install RootCloak APK. After running this RootCloak module and restarting your android as well as smartphone device. You will ready to use the app correctly.

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It’s simple “Stop Apps From Detecting If Your Device is Rooted”

Why RootCloak APK?

RootCloak APK interface is very simple to use and handle. all you require to try and do is select what apps you wish to “trick” so that they do not know that your device is rooted.

If you can not find those specific apps on the list that appears by default, then you need to do this search manually, and add it to your list. That’s it.


  • Please Make it sure that you have Xposed Framework.
  • Download and Install RootCloak.
  • Enable RootCloak in the Xposed installer APK. Do this by the opening Xposed installer, next going to Modules and press the checkbox next to RootCloak.
  • Restart your phone or device.
  • Open RootCloak Settings (You need to open the app from the launcher) and then go to Add or remove. This is where you will change which apps you need to hide from the Rooted indication.

If you not seen your default apps then you need to press the + button to add it. And find the app in the list that you need to add to list.

rootcloack screenshot 1
RootCloack Screenshot 1 |
  • Now Exit from RootCloak Settings. If the app that which was already running, then click to FORCE STOP or FORCE CLOSE button or restart your device.
  • Run those apps to see if your RootCloak was successfully hidden or not!

RootCloak APK Info:

Package: com.devadvance.rootcloak2
Version name: 3.0-beta_20160731_2
Release type: Beta (some bugs to be expected)
Number of downloads: 404,071 in total · 2,057 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: c43b61e167652a9307a88ec309ee8864
Uploaded on: Sunday, July 31, 2016 – 22:06
Changes: Fixes debug logging.

Download Links

RootCloak APK v2.1.1

Frequently Ask Questions:

Que: How to Hide root permissions on your smartphone as well as Android device?

Ans: The lowest number of apps which can’t be downloaded, install or stop working if they detect that the root permission on your system. The latest version of the official Netflix app for Android, Just for example Netflix APK can no longer be installed from google play store on your rooted devices.

rootcloak access
RootCloak Access |

Fortunately, there are tools and the system like this app that let you trick app that scans for root benefits.

RootCloak Installation Instruction 

Ans: The sole demand to use this tool is to own the corresponding Xposed Framework module put in. From the Add/Remove Apps section, you’ll decide what apps you would like to mask your root permissions from the list with the package name for every.

(This is solely symboling that the developer puts on her app and might be simply found on each Google Play and also the ModAPKStore transfer pages.)

Once you’ve ticked the chosen apps, simply shut them entirely for the Rootcloak changes to require impact.


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