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The YouTube Vanced APK is a new modded version of Modded YouTube App which contains a lot of features like Ad Blocking, Background Playback and many more. For your kind information, features of vanced are the same in all versions but there is a small difference with the NONROOTED devices.

Do you want to check that, Is your Device is rooted or nonrooted?

YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular Modded version of modded YouTube App. It comes with some important features for YouTuber such as Ads Blocker, background video playback with dark themes and many more.

youtube vanced apk
YouTube Vanced APK |

Here you can get the complete installation guides with the latest features and download links for ROOTED, NONROOTED and MAGISK android devices.

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Please note that this is not the premium version of the Youtube app.

Those fellows who want a lot of features instead functions can install this dedicated application on their Smartphone or tablet. In fact, YouTube Vanced APK is a small app contained a heap of latest performances and options. everybody is aware of it because of the changed edition of common YouTube.

However, throughout the original utility, users capable to block advertisements, background playback, and any attention-grabbing features. it’s nice having an ad-free version of the YouTube on your Smartphone.

It’s totally safe within the stand of the official YouTube supporter that simply installed suggested features.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

This Youtube Vanced APK developed by iYTBP Group whose stand for injected YouTube Background Playback and this was the first name of the app after renamed the project as YouTube (Ad)Vanced. This idea came from the Xposed Module for Youtube video playback.

Hence the Xposed module had faced some problems working with the Android Nougat. This App was designed with all features of the Xposed module.

Youtube Vanced is an advanced version based on the official YouTube App. In which people want to watch videos without any hesitate by video advertisements. Its totally ads-free version of youtube and also called injected into the original app.

There are many advanced features that the official app doesn’t offer like PiP mode which allow playing video while using another app or working with mobile too or while play videos in the background while screen locked.

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Features of YouTube Vanced APK:

  • Background Playback
  • Block All Ads
  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Toggle Themes (While, Dark, Black)
  • Casting Togglable
  • Auto Repeat
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode for Android Oreo
  • Preferred Speed and Resolution
  • Swipe controls for Brightness and Volume
  • Select new or old Window style

Download Links:


For Non-Rooted Device


Theme/Theme Toggled: White/Black

Version: 13.43.50

MinimumAPI: API17

DPI: nodpi

Size: 77.16 MB (80,912,113 bytes)

MD5 Checksum: c3c86e039574d4d305690a557dbc9da8

MD5 Checksum: dd6a0057d4a9f6c5079f9fcdbd9a8874

Download MicroG APK

Name: MicroG Vanced (New)

Version: 0.2.4-105

Architecture: All

MinimumAPI: All

DPI: All

Size: 2.69 MB

For Rooted Device: 


Theme/Theme Toggled: White/Black

Version: 13.43.50

Architecture: arm64-v8a

MinimumAPI: API17

DPI: nodpi

Size: 41.15 MB

MD5 Checksum: a6fc5404369e371140fcefdba407195c

MD5 Checksum: fc0ddbe1e683bebae68ffdf4601b82c8

Installer Files

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK?


  • If you want to log in with your current YouTube account then you need to download MicroG APK.
  • Download YouTube Vanced APK from the above download section.
  • Now you need to download Youtube Vanced apk from above links as per rooted or nonrooted device difference.
  • Install this Youtube Vanced apk on your Android or smartphone.


  • Download official installer from the “root” page.
  • First of all, you need to download the official installer from the “ROOT” Page.
  • Then select the exact version of Youtube Vanced apk as well as the second theme that you need to install.
  • Now move to download apk to sd card/downloads or into the installation ZIP.
  • You need to uninstall all the updates of youtube and disable auto-update from the google play store.
  • Now, flash the installer in TWRP.


  • There are different ways to download and install youtube vanced apk via MAGISK
  • The first and most simple user-friendly way is to install the application via MAGISK repo
  • The second method of installation is to go through “Install Via magisk.plz” or enable magisk from the root installer >
  • And one another method is to use the magisk module which provided in the download section.

Note: In order to download youtube Vanced apk on your Android device as well as smartphone or tablets. You need to uninstall youtube updates as well as disable auto-update features from the google play store. The latest youtube app will overwrite the system file of Vanced so even if the installation process went successfully, you will not see the effect of youtube Vacned APK.


  • With ytva
  1. MAGINSTALL – As an alternative of the root set up, apply magisk module application
  2. SEARCHFOLDER – Throughout this, you can search iYTBP Apks
  3. DETACH – Go to the Google Play store and disconnect YouTube to force update notifications
  4. UNINSTALL – Use this to completely remove iYTBP on your magisk module/ detach module or root version
  5. ATTACH – Network YouTube to the Play Store if you have been formerly detached
  • With ytva plz files
  1. ytva_install_via_magisk.plz – You can use magisk module installation apart from root installation
  2. ytva_uninstall.plz – Remove iYTBP entirely
  3. ytva_detach_from_playstore.plz – Simply disable update notifications by detaching the YouTube app from the Google Play

Frequently Ask Questions:

Que: Where is the Normal (White) APK?

Ans: White is always available on APK. So choose as per you like with day and night time, etc.

Que: How to download the latest version of APK?

Ans: Download the latest version of APK from our website like the last download.

Que: Do I need to re-install detach script with all new updates?

Ans: No. It’s not compulsory.

Que: Can I installed YouTube Vanced as like install other APK’s?

Ans: Yes of course. It is possible only for Non-Rooted Version.

Que: My Installation was successful but the Youtube App doesn’t appear in the app launcher?

Ans: You haven’t use the latest version magisk or installer. Note that this is only valid for android Oreo.

Que: Does PiP mode still works?

Ans: Yes but only with Android Oreo.

Que: Is background playback option downloading the video file?

Ans: No. After you play the video in the background the only audio download.


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